Introducing BlocMe

Discover authentic stories and experiences from users at a glance. 

We provide a user generated content platform that helps you discover the world at a  glance through the lens of others while securing the shared experiences and contents. 

What is BLOCME

The world is changing at a rapid pace and this includes it’s most used online communication
tool – Social Media. We are on a mission to help you discover the world at a glance through the
lenses of others while securing your shared experiences and contents.
We are working on growing an enormous userbase to ensure endless fun, accurate information
and countless opportunities even to casual users who are looking for a great way to experience
new places.
BlocMe offers comprehensive online communication functions, including blocs, content sharing
and more. Find out more about its many features and have fun trying them all with your

Why BlocMe

A lot of fake news put out there that have dangerous and negative effects on the young
populace, people commit suicide, loose something or someone valuable, get depressed,
get mis-informed

We are unable to pin point the sources of the information we have access to

A lot of social data is being generated in seconds on a daily basis without people owning
up to the damages they cause to others.

A lot of talents don’t get compensated for work they put into creating unique content
due to plagiarism.

Our Mission

Blocme’s Mission is to become the universe’s most secured ecosystem to discover authentic stories and experiences from users at a glance.

Give you diverse point of view and community of interested contributors.

Re-invent how stories are shared, discovered and monetized.

Give you a sense of responsibility online.

Core Features

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Find real user generated contents in an organized form

Access to a wide range of user generated contents; you can easily find contents of your  interest. BlocMe makes sharing moments and memories much easier. The fun is always on with a lot of contributors at any time.

Share What matters

Don’t keep your best moments to yourself: sharing is caring. We are focused on telling  true stories, with BlocMe, you are able to share your stories as it’s happening without  third party modification.

Spend time on your interests and develop deeper understanding

Blocme’s Blocs concept help users streamline and filter the contents they are exposed  to, thereby gaining better understanding of their interest.

Content Security

You are able to track your contents, to know where it’s being duplicated and used. You  can also restrict access to your content by disabling downloads, screenshots.

Find friends Online

Find and add friends from your phone contacts or link third party accounts. Use the location-based discovery functions to find BlocMe users in your surroundings  and make new friends.

Download Now

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